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What To Wear To Your Engagement Photo Session

It’s all happening! You’re tying the knot and now it’s time to plan your engagement photo shoot. Get ready to look camera ready with these expert tips. 

Your wedding invitations, your wedding website, and even the walls of your first home will feature these precious moments. That’s why it’s important to put together looks that help you feel confident and 100% you. Okay, let’s dive in! 

I love how Emily wore this effortlessly flattering dress that tied in perfectly with the location .


1. Pick Your Color Scheme 

Choose a color scheme then focus on coordinating those colors, not matching. Once you choose a main color, have your partner incorporate the same hue in their look. Avoid being too matchy-matchy and pairing pieces of the exact same shade.  Instead, pair pieces that have subtle hue variances yet still belong to the same color family. Neutrals always look good together, and adding a pop of color in the details can help make things cohesive.

I love how Christine and Chris coordinated colors while balancing it all by adding layers and accessories. 

2. Pick Two Outfit Changes 

You can have up to 2 outfit changes during your session. It’s completely up to you but most of my couples like to have photos with a cute, casual look and after that, a more formal one. I always suggest having at least one of the looks be easy to move around in  – I like to have fun with my poses like piggy back rides, twirling, sitting down, etc. so longer dresses, jeans, an outfits that you can move and sit in are super convenient for a photoshoot. Another important tip to remember when choosing your outfits is… no logos! Logos can be pretty distracting and let’s not take the viewers’ attention away from what really matters… you and your fiancé!

Morgan and Adam took a modern approach with their looks by bringing a street style vibe that tied in perfectly with this location. 

3. Pick an outfit that compliments the weather and scenery

The season, weather and location can help you decide what to wear for your engagement shoot. Let’s be real.. A spaghetti strap dress with stilettos wouldn’t work in a snow photoshoot and a fur shawl wouldn’t work on the beach. Style your look to suit the weather and location you’re in.

PRO TIP: Warmer outfits with bold colors and texture work great for the winter. Brighter, more casual outfits are great for the summer or spring.

Haley and her hubby kept it cozy and casual with their coordinating winter looks…. Perfect for this location! 

4. Avoid getting wrinkles! 

I highly recommend ironing everything the night before so you are not rushing to get it all done on photoshoot day. If the men have a nice button up shirt, don’t wear it while driving to your shoot! Hang it up on a hanger and put it on when you arrive. Wearing it while you’re driving is just a wrinkled mess waiting to happen!


Amanda and Jherey definitely dressed the part! Long, flowy dresses and skirts look amazing on camera — they add movement to your clothing that tends to be very flattering and natural-looking.

5. Be YOU and wear what makes you feel most confident! 

This may be the most important tip of all. What matters most is that your engagement photo outfits feel like a true reflection of you and your partner. Embrace your personal style while dressing for comfort. If a tight sequined dress is NOT you, then why go through the discomfort of wearing it for a photo? This is your moment and confidence is key. The more confident you feel, the better your photos will turn out.

To sum up the main points:

  • Choose a color scheme….

  • Plan for two outfit changes

  • Style your look to suit the weather and location you’re in.

  • Pick styles that are comfortable and fit your personality

Okay, you are almost ready for your shoot! I am so excited to be a part of this journey with you and can’t wait to capture these memories that will last a lifetime.

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