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Your Ultimate Seattle Wedding Venue: Rays Boathouse

You’re engaged! I know you’ve got a whirlwind of decisions to make for your big day but you can’t dive into planning your wedding until you narrow down your date and venue. While there’s no shortage of gorgeous locations to choose from in the Seattle area, this blog is all about narrowing down that decision fatigue to one option (the best one!). As a photographer, I thought I’d give you the inside scoop on the best place to book your ultimate Seattle wedding venue from my lens!

The fun part of being a wedding photographer is getting to be part of the party and experiencing all of the ways couples celebrate tying the knot. With that comes the first hand experience of seeing what works best on the day of and knowing all the best angles, lighting, and frames for capturing the most magical memories at your venue location.

My top, most stunning location pick for your wedding venue is Ray’s Boathouse overlooking the Puget Sound for these undeniable reasons:

1. The location is gorgeous—year round.

Ray’s long standing and iconic dockside restaurant is known for its romantic setting on the shores of Ballard. Why? Because you’re not only sitting atop the Shilshole Bay looking out at the Puget Sound; you’re privy to front row seats to a stunning sunset over the Olympic Mountains. The private waterfront banquet room makes sure your guests enjoy their dinner and dancing with a view. What better way to highlight your love with moments dressed in breathtaking views?

Emma Lee Wedding Photography Ultimate Wedding Venue

My lovely client Lea knew Ray’s Boathouse would perfect her wedding day because “When it came to choosing a venue, Ray’s was a natural fit. It’s steps away from the beach where Scotty proposed. Also, it’s an icon of the PNW. We wanted to celebrate outdoors, in nature, basking in this beauty. There is nothing like a Seattle summer with this view. The scenery makes the venue so the space is already elevated. Having all of the people that I love together in the outdoor space filled me up.“

I know, I know—of course there’s more to hosting a wedding than epic views!

2. Indoor-outdoor capabilities means your venue is weather proof!

Seattle weather need not apply when considering when to book your wedding date if you’re hosting at Ray’s. That’s because Ray’s has problem solved for the chance of rain. The venue provides covered spaces on the deck in addition to their private banquet room. Share your vows and toast at your dinner on the dock or in the banquet room! The views, the vibe, and the guests will all make sure your event remains as memorable as you planned to make it.

Emma Lee Wedding Photography Ultimate Wedding VenueEmma Lee Wedding Photography Ultimate Seattle Wedding Venue

Seriously, there’s no need to stress on your big day with unplanned changes at Ray’s. Sara had nothing but sweet things to say about her nuptials being hosted at the Boathouse: “When it came down to the day of, I wasn’t even upset that we didn’t get our ideal sunny day or sunset because the water views and the food were just as amazing as expected. Additionally, the staff at Ray’s were so readily available for last minute questions and helped make sure everything flowed perfectly. It was so great!!”

And yup, she did mention the food is as amazing as the views. Which brings us to undeniable reason number 3 why Ray’s is the spot for you:

3. The food—no let downs!!

Ray’s is notorious for their seafood. If you’re having guests from out of town, their menu will serve as a proper immersion of Seattle’s quintessential seafood fare. You can count on your reception dinner menu to have sustainable sea-to-plate options harvested fresh from the local fishermen of Ballard Shores. Don’t worry—they even have you covered with vegetarian and land meat options if your guests have mixed preferences!

Emma Lee Wedding Photography Ultimate Wedding Venue


It’s almost like Sara and Lea teamed up to corroborate reason number 3 for you (but they didn’t because it turns out Ray’s James Beard Award makes it a universal truth):

“We were drawn to Ray’s because of the amazing water and mountain views that we saw when we toured the space, along with the amazing menu they offer. It is such a perfect Pacific Northwest venue, which is exactly what I wanted since so many of our family and friends would be visiting from out of town and I wanted to show them a traditional Seattle space and meal!” – Sara

“Ray’s happened to be one of my mom’s favorite restaurants. We didn’t need a special occasion to visit, we came for the food and the view. I always wished I could have brought my mom back to Ray’s one more time before she passed. I knew that she would definitely approve of a wedding at Ray’s! ” – Lea

My heart!

I know picking Ray’s Boathouse as your wedding venue is a no-brainer for you now but I’m about to seal the deal for you:

When you book at Rays, you get 15% off any of my packages!

That’s your ceremony, reception, dinner menu, and photography all booked in one fell swoop (and yes, Ray’s even offers light decorations for your wedding event!). Didn’t I say we’d be narrowing down your decision fatigue to one option—the best one?

Click here to chat about your wedding day. Let’s make magic happen!

Emma Lee Wedding Photography Ultimate Wedding Venue

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