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Simply The Best // Backyard Seattle Wedding

Kendal and Meagan knew they wanted an intimate wedding day, and true to their love story, this couple took the pandemic wedding protocol in stride.

These two met by happenstance while briefly living in Norfolk, Virginia. They hit it off so good that by date number two, they were pretty much inseparable! Kendal and Meagan shared a love for concerts, traveling, and trying fun new things—but knew the Pacific Northwest is where they wanted to call home (cue their ultimate wedding venue!).

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The COVID Pivot


After decidedly choosing to have a small wedding in the park, Kendal and Meagan were forced to rethink “small” for their December 2020 wedding. They pivoted to a guest list limited to immediate family only. With COVID travel restrictions, health, and safety to consider, out of state family still got to join in on the celebration via Zoom and FaceTime. But the new guest list offered the opportunity to host their ceremony in the backyard of their brand new home! As it turned out, the best part of the day for these two was “Celebrating the special milestone in our new home with our family…without the stresses that come along with a large wedding in a rented venue. And having our cat children and our dog nephew with us!” —you’ll agree, too, when you see their outfits in the photos below!!!


How To Get Away With Including Your Favorite Things On Your Wedding Day


Their wedding day was filled with lots of subtle details that kept their intimate wedding personal. Like zhuzhing up their home with references to their favorite show, Schitt’s Creek! There were little Simply The Best details from the show in their decorations like the marquee sign in the photo below and it was even their wedding song! If you’re not in the know, click here, because this song is the absolute sweetest. And as the ceremonies ended, the newly weds cozied up in David Rose’s iconic Lightning Bolt Sweater from season 5 of the show.

For more inspiration on how to subtly include more of your favorite things on your wedding day, I recommend taking the time to think about what represents you as a couple! Draw inspiration from your story to create something completely original and personal for example:

  1. Where you met
  2. Shared interests
  3. Travels
  4. Family histories
  5. Your engagement

And include them in your table centerpiece, plate settings, or like Kendal and Meagan, your wedding song.

If you’d love to connect and work with me on your big day, click here and let’s chat!

David Rose Schitts creek lightening bolt sweater wedding portrait David Rose Schitts creek lightening bolt sweater wedding portrait

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