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Category is: Super Cheesy Goodness

Isn’t it wild to think that sometimes the hardest thing you can do is be your true self? If this resonates with you, take a page from Emily and Sean’s book! 

This beautiful couple is the literal epitome of fun. Before we even met, Emily texted me saying she wanted her session to be “super cheesy goodness.” For many of us getting pictures taken can be out of our comfort zone, so why not try to combat that feeling and incorporate things that are familiar to you, things that are quintessentially you, into your upcoming shoot.


Incorporate things like: where you and your partner first meet, your favorite spots, what you like to do for fun together, what hobbies  you do together,  and what are some special moments that you can recreate…these are just some of the things that you can marinate on to create the engagement shoot of your dreams! Inspiration is endless!


Emily and Sean are both avid runners, so of course we had to capture them in their natural element. Distracting yourself with something ‘to do’ while shooting, like running, can help to shake off those nerves while you’re in your session. Think about things that you and your partner could ‘do’ when coming up with your concept…having a picnic, cooking, dancing, getting those in action shots makes your session that much more special. 


These are your pictures after all, so inject your personality, similar to how we showcased Emily and Sean’s goofy, carefree spirits. When you look back on your photos, how do you want to feel? Do you want to live out that Pinterest fantasy, how about remembering exactly what you were like during this shoot?


I want to remind you that to be your true self, especially with your partner, is such a magical thing and should be celebrated! And with a shoot you get to celebrate and memorialize the essence that is you as a couple for a lifetime. 

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