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Mindy & Drew | Seattle Engagement Session

Meet nearly-weds Mindy & Drew:

Magnuson park engagement session | seattle wedding photographer

Picture this: A boy and a girl who have been eyeing each other for weeks are both working at a youth camp together. One night there is a dance scheduled, and even though the girl usually works with the younger kids, she decides to chaperone the older kids dance so that she and the cute boy will be chaperoning together. Boy, who has a similar idea, decides to chaperone the younger kids dance so that he can spend time with the cute girl. They tried so hard to be at the same place at the same time that their plan backfired!

Sounds like a scene from your favorite rom-com, right? Well, luckily for Drew and Mindy they finally got their first date shortly after that dance. After spending the evening getting to know Drew and Mindy, I am convinced that Mindy is the closest thing to a real life Disney princess. She’s giggly, cute, and radiates positive energy. Drew is courteous, goofy, and has some pretty good jokes. Together, they are the perfect-real life-romantic comedy couple- dream team.

Mindy and Drew are getting married this July. When I asked Mindy what she was most excited for on her wedding day, she said “the dance party!” Girl, you know I’m going to be bringing my best moves to the dance floor!


Magnuson park engagement session | Seattle wedding photographer

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