Kirstin and Andrew | Rattlesnake Lake

seattle wedding photographer | Rattlesnake Lake

I love when my friends and family come visit me. Like, I really, really, really love it (cough cough hint hint to all my family back home). So when my cousin Kirstin and her husband Andrew came to visit me for a WHOLE WEEK I felt like a kid around Christmas. We had so much fun exploring Seattle, visiting (lots) of breweries, and enjoying each other’s company. One place I love to show people is Rattlesnake Lake in Northbend. And, given how drop dead gorgeous Kirstin is, I couldn’t resist but make them model for me 🙂 I am so happy I did – these photos came out great!

Thanks for visiting me Kirstin and Andrew; can’t wait for next time!

seattle wedding photographer | Rattlesnake Lake

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