Kaitlin & Jared | Temecula Wedding Photographer

Meet newlyweds Kaitlin and Jared:

Kaitlin and Jared got married at Wedgewood Weddings in Fallbrook. It was the perfect, sunny, California day for a wedding. Kaitlin looked stunning and was one of the most relaxed brides I’ve seen on her wedding day. Jared was also so relaxed and kind; I feel really lucky to have been able to spend the day with these two.

I enjoyed every minute of Kaitlin and Jared’s wedding day, but here are three highlights:

1) Temecula! Yes, the rolling hills and wine country Temecula offers makes me super happy, but Temecula is so much more than that to me; it’s where a handful of my friends live, including Miranda, Kaitlin’s sister. I guess it’s safe to say a little corner of my heart lives in Temecula. So when I got asked to shoot Kaitlin and Jared’s wedding in Temecula I was over the moon!
2) Alana and Mason. Jared’s kids were a huge part of the wedding and my heart melted a little seeing how close this family already is. Alana is a beautiful, bubbly teenage girl whose maturity helped her fit in with the other bridesmaids. Mason was the handsomest little devil that attended the wedding. Between the four of them, there were many different secret handshakes, dances, and family love. I think it was quite obvious to everyone in attendance how much Jared adores his kiddos, and how much his children adore Kaitlin.
3) The LOVE letters during their reception. Kaitlin’s mom surprised the couple with these illuminated, marquee letters, and I think they were the perfect addition to the party. They made for some fun photos, and also added a great ambiance for the reception. 10/10 mom!

Kaitlin and Jared, thanks for sharing your wedding day with me. I had so much fun and with you the best in all your future adventures!

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